Should breast lift be performed with explant?

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Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in Australia. Although it has a very high satisfaction rate, there are some women who later wish to remove their breast implants. The procedure to remove breast implants is called an explant. Sometimes, an explant is performed alone, while in other cases, it’s combined with a breast lift.

Why might a woman want a breast lift along with her explant? How can you decide whether this...Read More

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Study shows that labiaplasty has a significant functional benefit

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For those who are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their breasts or abdomen, they are often aware that plastic surgery could be an option for addressing these concerns. However, many women don’t realize that plastic surgery can also be performed on other parts of the body. Labiaplasty is a procedure that reshapes the labia minora, which are the “lips” of tissue of the vulva (the outer female genitals). It’s performed on an outpatient basis.

Some women choose to have...Read More

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How can you remove excess skin after weight loss?

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Losing a significant amount of weight is not easy. Some people are able to achieve it through being very dedicated to lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise. Others choose bariatric surgery to help them lose the excess weight. Most people who decide to lose a lot of weight are primarily hoping to feel better and be healthier, but they are often also hoping to look better once they slim down. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out as they hoped. People who have lost a...Read More

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How can breast asymmetry be corrected?

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Although we may like to think of our bodies as symmetrical, the truth is that no one’s body actually has perfect symmetry. A small degree of asymmetry is normal and not noticeable. However, when the asymmetry is more significant, it can have a significant effect on a person’s life.

Women who have breast asymmetry may find that they have trouble finding bras, swimsuits, and clothing that fit well and are comfortable. They may also feel self-conscious...Read More

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What if I want to change the size of my implants?

Breast implant exchange

Many women who have had breast augmentation feel satisfied with the outcome. However, there are some women who later decide that they want to change the size of their implants. They may wish that they’d gone larger or smaller in the first place, or they may have found that their aesthetic preferences have changed over time, and they now prefer something different.

If you wish to exchange your implants for a different size, what is involved? Will the procedure be easier than...Read More

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What’s the best placement for breast augmentation incisions?

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Breast augmentation is a very personalized procedure, and each woman must make a variety of choices (in consultation with her surgeon) during the planning process. One of these is the location for the incisions. Every surgical procedure does leave scars, and so the choice of where the incisions are will determine where those scars will be.

There are three main options for breast augmentation incisions. Each one has its advantages and...Read More

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What’s the difference between a facelift and a brow lift?

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As people age, the signs of aging are often visible on the face. They’re more obvious in some people than others. Those who are bothered by looking older than they feel may turn to cosmetic surgery.

Among the options are a facelift and a brow lift. These procedures are both designed to address the visible signs of aging on the face. Although they sound fairly similar, these are different procedures. What’s the difference between a facelift and a brow lift? How can you...Read More

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Will I have scars after my rhinoplasty?

Sydney Wollongong rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. It may be performed for cosmetic or functional reasons, or a combination of both. 

With a surgical procedure performed in such a visible location, most people considering rhinoplasty are understandably concerned about the scars that may result from the surgery. Fortunately, rhinoplasty doesn’t leave a noticeable scar. In some cases, it actually leaves no visible scar at all; in other cases, there’s a small...Read More

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What are highly cohesive silicone breast implants?

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Women now have many choices to make when planning a breast augmentation procedure, allowing them to adapt the procedure to meet their needs. One of the newer developments in the field has been highly cohesive silicone implants, sometimes known as “gummy bear” implants. Many of our patients have heard about these, and want to know more. What does “highly cohesive” actually mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this style of...Read More

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Nipple correction surgery

While many women desire to change the size of their breasts (either via breast augmentation or breast reduction), there are also some women who are not happy with other aspects of their breast appearance. For some women, the appearance of the nipple may be a concern. There are plastic surgery procedures available that can help to change the appearance of the nipple. These can be performed on their own, or as part of a breast augmentation or breast reduction procedure.

Reducing the size of the...Read More
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