09th Apr, 2021

Should breast lift be performed with explant?

Breast implant removal Wollongong Sydney

Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in Australia. Although it has a very high satisfaction rate, there are some women who later wish to remove their breast implants. The procedure to remove breast implants is called an explant. Sometimes, an explant is performed alone, while in other cases, it’s combined with a breast lift.

Why might a woman want a breast lift along with her explant? How can you decide whether this is right for you?

How are breast implants removed?

The removal of breast implants requires a surgical procedure. Usually, an inframammary incision is used. This is made in the crease where the breast meets the chest wall. An incision in this location allows the surgeon the best access to the implant and the tissue around it.

It is generally not difficult to remove the implant itself. This is because the body naturally creates a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. When the capsule is opened, the implant is easily removed. Removing the capsule itself is much trickier, as the capsule is generally adhered to the tissues around it. Using his high level of surgical skill, Dr. Sjarif will remove as much of the capsule as possible. In some cases, he will be able to remove all of the capsule. In other cases, he may need to leave some of the capsular tissue in the breast, in order not to cause damage to the other tissues in the area.

Why might a breast lift be helpful?

When breast implants are placed, the skin and other tissues around the implant naturally grow in order to accommodate the new shape. After the removal of the implants, this extra tissue remains. If left on its own, it will usually be very droopy. Rather than returning to what they looked like pre-augmentation, the woman’s breasts will have an undesirable “deflated” appearance.

Some women choose to accept this, and have only an explant. Others choose a breast lift, in order to remove the excess skin and other tissue and return the breast to a more natural shape. Although it will be smaller without the implant, the breast will be much more like the woman’s natural breast would be if she hadn’t gotten an augmentation.

In some cases, a breast lift can be combined with the explant. The advantage of this is that it requires only one surgery and one recovery period. However, it’s important to recognize that there can be safety concerns with doing the breast lift along with the explant. There is a potential risk of interrupting the blood supply to certain tissues and causing complications. In some patients, particularly those who had large implants, this risk is higher.

Another option is to stage the breast lift, performing it after the woman has recovered from her explant. Besides being safer, this option allows the patient to see what her results are like from the explant alone. She can decide whether she finds the appearance of her breasts acceptable, or whether she would like to have a breast lift. However, it does require two separate procedures, each with its own recovery period.

Breast implant removal Wollongong Sydney

If you’re considering having your breast implants removed, then you’ll want to consult with a plastic surgeon to learn about all of your options. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding what surgical path is right for you. A surgeon you trust can help to guide you through making these decisions. 
If you’re in Wollongong or the greater Sydney area, we invite you to visit our office for a consultation with Dr. Sjarif. With his years of specialized training in both Australia and the US, he’s well-qualified to advise you on your options and what you could expect from your breast implant removal, including the option of also having a breast lift. Please contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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