04th Dec, 2020

How can breast asymmetry be corrected?

Miranda Kogarah breast asymmetry correction

Although we may like to think of our bodies as symmetrical, the truth is that no one’s body actually has perfect symmetry. A small degree of asymmetry is normal and not noticeable. However, when the asymmetry is more significant, it can have a significant effect on a person’s life.

Women who have breast asymmetry may find that they have trouble finding bras, swimsuits, and clothing that fit well and are comfortable. They may also feel self-conscious about their bodies. Some women seek to have surgical correction of breast asymmetry, in order to address these concerns. A recent study showed that correction of breast asymmetry results in significantly improved quality of life, which lasted for the long-term following the procedure.

There are a few different surgical options. Which one is right for a particular woman depends on her specific situation. In some cases, one surgical procedure will be enough. In other cases, two staged procedures might be needed.

Breast augmentation for asymmetry

If the patient feels that the size of the larger breast is right for her, then a breast augmentation can be performed to bring the smaller breast up to that size. This is generally accomplished using a single breast implant (although fat transfer may be an option in some cases), placed into the smaller breast. In some cases, if there is sagging of the larger breast, then a breast lift may be performed on the larger one while a breast augmentation is performed on the smaller one.

If the patient would like to increase the size of both breasts while also addressing the asymmetry, then breast implants of two different sizes can be used to achieve the desired result.

Breast reduction for asymmetry

If the patient feels that her smaller breast is the right size for her, then a breast reduction on the larger breast can be performed in order to make it similar to the smaller one. In general, lifting is part of the breast reduction procedure, and so the breast tissue will be lifted along with removal of excess breast tissue.

Some women may wish to have a breast lift on the smaller breast, along with a breast reduction (which includes lifting) on the larger one. This will address sagging in both breasts, along with the asymmetry.

Miranda Kogarah breast asymmetry correction

If you have breast asymmetry, and are bothered by symptoms of your condition, then you may want to consider a corrective procedure. You have various options, and which one is right for you will depend on the specifics of your situation and your needs and goals for your body. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is needed in order to determine what your various options would be.

If you’re around the Sydney area, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sjarif in one of our conveniently located offices. After a thorough exam and a discussion of your needs and goals, he’ll be able to recommend a course of action and talk through your options with you so that you can decide whether or not surgery is right for you. To book your appointment, please contact our office.

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