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Textured vs smooth implants: how can you choose?

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Breast ReductionBreast augmentation is a very personalized procedure, with many different decisions to make as you plan your procedure. One of these is whether you want smooth or textured implants. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this; there are pros and cons to each, and which one is better really depends on the situation. Here are a few things to think about when making the decision.

Shape of the implant

The surface of a textured implant is designed to be a little bit rough, much like sandpaper. This is designed to cause the body to adhere to the surface of the implant, “sticking” it in place. Nearly all anatomically-shaped implants are textured. Anatomically-shaped implants are designed to be thinner toward the top and larger toward the bottom, to mimic the shape that a natural breast takes while a woman is standing. If you want a shaped implant, then it will need to be textured in order to hold it in place. Otherwise, the implant may rotate, causing a very unnatural appearance of the breast. Round implants, however, can be either textured or smooth.

Response to gravity

A smooth round implant responds to gravity much like a natural breast does. When the woman is standing, it’s more teardrop-shaped; when she’s laying down, it flattens out and moves to the sides somewhat. When standing, a smooth round implant may appear a little less natural, but in other positions, this may actually be the most natural-looking implant. Dancers, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, and others who move in front of others may prefer smooth implants for this reason.


A shaped implant is fuller at the bottom and thinner at the top, to mimic the shape that a natural breast takes while standing. However, because a textured implant is attached to the body, it’s not able to move when the woman changes position. It may have a more natural appearance when she’s standing, but will not look as natural when she’s lying down. Those who regularly perform in front of others, including dancers, fitness instructors, and the like, may prefer smooth implants for this reason


Textured implant shells are a little firmer than those of smooth implants, so some people believe that they feel a little less natural. However, how firm the implant feels has more to do with the scar tissue around the implant than with the shell of the implant itself. Still, there may be some effect of the texture, and a textured implant may not be as soft as natural breast tissue. Additionally, textured implants may have a higher risk of rippling than smooth implants do. Actually, all breast implants do ripple to some degree, but this is not usually noticeable. Thinner women are more likely to have rippling that can be felt or, occasionally, even seen.

Overlying tissue

It’s important to consider how much natural tissue a woman has. In a very thin woman or one who has minimal or no natural breast tissue (such as following a mastectomy), the shaped implant may have a more natural appearance. In those who have a looser envelope around the breast (for example, those who experienced “deflation” of the breast after breastfeeding), round implants tend to look more natural.

Movement over time

A textured implant may be less likely to move over time than a smooth one. This may be a particular concern for younger women having breast implants placed. With a smooth implant, there may be a greater risk that the implant migrates outward and/or downward over the years, a phenomenon called “bottoming out.” Because it adheres to the inside of the body, a textured implant tends to be more likely to stay put over time. However, how well the implant stays put has a lot to do with the skill of the surgeon placing it. A more precise implant pocket, with a good amount of tissue supporting it, will help the implant to stay in place. An implant pocket that’s too large or imprecisely placed may not support the implant over time.

Upper pole fullness

The shape of a smooth implant is always round, because the implant may rotate within the breast pocket. Round implants tend to fill out the upper pole of the breast better than do anatomically-shaped implants. This creates more “cleavage,” which some women are interested in. For others, this look is less natural than that created by an anatomically-shaped implant.

Possible concerns about textured implants

Recently, there have been some reports that suggest that textured implants are linked to an extremely rare form of cancer known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL. The risk of this cancer remains exceedingly small even in women with textured implants, and most cases are cured by removing the implant and surrounding capsule. However, some women may consider this enough of a reason for concern to avoid textured implants and choose smooth implants instead.

Talk with your plastic surgeon about your options for your breast implants Sydney

If you’re considering breast augmentation, then you’ll have several different decisions to make regarding your procedure. The advice of a trusted expert is very helpful to women as they decide which options would be best for them. It’s best to discuss things in person, so your plastic surgeon can get a sense of your body and what might work best, as well as hear from you about your goals for your procedure.

Dr. Adrian SjarifDr. Sjarif is a highly trained and skilled plastic surgeon serving patients in the greater Sydney area. If you’d like to learn more about your options for breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with him. Having performed this procedure many times on different women, he can give you a realistic sense of what options would work best for your body. Please contact our office to book your appointment.

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