Do you have abdominal muscle separation?

Abdominoplasty Wollongong Sydney

The desire for a flat tummy is nearly universal. However, a variety of different issues can make it hard for some people to achieve. Even after they lose any excess weight, so that there’s not much fat on the abdomen, there are still some people who find that their belly “pooches” out. Women who have been pregnant may find that, even after they lose the baby weight, their belly still “pooches” out, so that they look a little bit pregnant.

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Should you place your breast implants under or over the muscle?

Sydney Wollongong breast augmentation

While some women are born with naturally full breasts, others find that their breasts are smaller than they would like. Unfortunately, there are no exercises, supplements, or topical creams that will cause the breasts to grow larger. For women who are unsatisfied with their breast size and would like to increase it, breast augmentation is the only proven method to do so.

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All about the Vectra 3D imaging camera

Wollongong plastic surgeon

If you’re considering having plastic surgery, then you’ve probably been thinking about what you would look like afterward. Of course, it’s not possible to predict exactly what your outcome will be. However, there’s a technology that can make a difference in helping to visualize the results of any cosmetic procedure. We use this advanced technology here in our offices in Wollongong and Sydney. The system is known as Vectra.

How does Vectra work?

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Should you choose liposuction or a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck or liposuction Sydney

A slim, toned tummy is considered a sign of health and fitness, and nearly everyone (whether male or female) desires this. There are a lucky few who are able to achieve this through exercise and a healthy diet. However, many people find that doing crunches and reducing their sugar intake do help them feel better within themselves, that flat belly remains an elusive goal.

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Textured vs smooth implants: how can you choose?

Breast implants Sydney

Breast augmentation is a very personalized procedure, with many different decisions to make as you plan your procedure. One of these is whether you want smooth or textured implants. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this; there are pros and cons to each, and which one is better really depends on the situation. Here are a few things to think about when making the decision.

Shape of the implant

The surface of a textured implant is designed to be a little bit rough, much...Read More

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Create the Ideal Figure with a Breast Reduction in Sydney

While for some, larger breasts seem appealing, and many women invest in breast augmentation surgery to obtain a larger bust, the reality is that larger breasts can be the cause of a lot of pain and suffering. Shoulder and back pain, neck pain, and an altered posture can all be a direct result of larger breasts. Dr. Adrian Sjarif understands that a breast reduction procedure can help to alleviate many of these symptoms, and other related concerns.

Why would some women want a breast reduction?

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Regaining Body Shape and Confidence With Liposuction in Wollongong

You’ve spent hours at the gym, working hard toward your goals. All of this exercising and incorporating a proper diet is as a means of losing the extra fat and loose skin surrounding your midriff.

Unfortunately, this loose skin and fat is often not affected by dieting or exercise. This stubborn fat needs to be removed so that you can get the sculpted look that you’ve been working toward.

The liposuction procedure can offer results, by removing the stubborn belly fat that working out simply...Read More

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Restore a Youthful Appearance with Eyelid Surgery in Sydney

Are you interested in learning more about eyelid surgery in Sydney? As the cliché goes, our eyes are the windows to our soul. Eyelids that look tired or sag excessively aren’t going to allow our eyes to truly shine the way that they ought to. Eyelid surgery can help to restore a youthful appearance, while smoothing away those fine lines.

Dr. Adrian Sjarif is a plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, with dual fellowship training from both the United States and Australia. He has extensive...Read More

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Scarless Surgery

It is not uncommon for patients who come to see me to express some surprise when told that their surgery will result in scarring.

Scarring is a completely normal and an expected result of any trauma to the skin whether it occur after injury or elective surgery.

As a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, I utilise techniques that may minimise visible scars, hiding them in natural skin creases and orientating them in such a way that they heal almost imperceptibly. As well as using meticulous suturing...Read More

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